Best National Parks in Europe

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Best National Parks in Europe

You love nature, forests, lakes, flora and fauna? Discover the most beautiful national parks in Europe. Forget the crowd, forget the beaches, forget cities and shopping, and come to relax in the most beautiful national parks in Europe.

Discover incredible national parks such as Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, The Saxon Switzerland National Park, Belluno Dolomites National Park and the Goreme National Park.

Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, campsite, apartment at the best price guaranteed and discover the most beautiful national parks. There is so much to discover in Europe.

Plitvice Lakes


The Plitvice lakes National Park belongs to Dinaric karst area and due to its specific geology, geomorphology and hydrology it truly is one of the most impressive karst entities in the world. Apart from dolomitic rock, mesosoic limestones with dolomite inserts are predominant here. The ratio between less porous or water-retaining dolomites and porous Jurassic limestone sediments in the karst has influenced the landscape of the overall area today. Specific hydrology properties of rock have enabled water retention on Triassic dolomite rocks, as well as canyon formation by water cutting through Cretaceous limestone deposits. Tufa barriers are a phenomenon enabling water to remain inside the lakes.


Saxon Switzerland


The Saxon Switzerland National Park (German: Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz), is a National Park in the German Free State of Saxony near the capital city of Dresden. It covers two areas of 93.5 km²  in the heart of the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains which is called the Saxon Switzerland. The National Park adjoins the Bohemian Switzerland National Park  in the Czech Republic.

Belluno Dolomites


The Dolomites  are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. They form a part of Southern Limestone Alps and extend from the River Adige in the west to the Piave Valley (Pieve di Cadore) in the east. The northern and southern borders are defined by the Puster Valley and the Sugana Valley (Val Sugana). The Dolomites are nearly equally shared between the provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol and Trentino.

Wild Taiga


Wild Taiga covers an area of natural wilderness untouched by human hands, ideal for viewing and photographing animals in the wild. Here you may spot brown bear, wolverine and wolves, as well as elk, forest deer, flying squirrel, beavers and some of our great predatory birds in their natural habitat. These species may also be viewed in our neighbouring provinces Kuusamo and Pohjois-Karjala.



The Ecrins National Park is the fifth French national park. It is located in the Alps, covering a large portion of the Massif des Ecrins. The park has been crowned “European Park of the mountain” by the Council of Europe.



The Park is located at wide mountain region in North West of Montenegro, limited by Rivers Piva and Tara between which there are 23 mountain tops over 2300 meters of altitude. Park is 39000 acres large and includes 82 kilometers of canyon of the Tara with altitude of 1600 meters above level of the River. Office of the Park is in Zabljak.

Region of Durmitor is the most important part of Dinara range of mountains characterized by high tops, abundant forests, deep gorges. Canyon of Tara is the largest in Europe and has over 1500 kinds of flora and 130 kinds of birds.



The Triglav National Park (TNP) is the only Slovenian national park. The park was named after Triglav, the highest mountain in the heart of the park, which is also the highest summit in Slovenia (2864 m). The origin of the name Triglav is rather uncertain. Triglav (»three-headed«) owes its name to its characteristic shape as seen from the south-east side or to the highest Slavic deity who was supposed to have its throne on the top of the mountain. The mountain is a true national symbol and is featured on the national coat of arms and the flag.



The flora and fauna of Soomaa National Park are compelling. When travelling on the rivers it is often necessary to navigate past fallen aspen trunks – typically the work of floods and beavers. Other signs of beavers, such as chewed stumps and beaver lodges are often clearly visible along the riverbanks. Besides beavers, another little water loving creature is quite common here – the otter.

During the great floods each year, numerous migratory water fowl can be seen on the flood plains. In the swamp forests it is possible to run into the White-backed Woodpecker and the Three-toed Woodpecker, while Lesser Spotted Eagles and Black Storks can be seen hovering above the flood plains. There are numerous nesting areas for Great Snipe on the alluvial meadows and Golden Eagles dwell in the fens.



In the Ordesa National Park you’ll find routes suitable for everybody, so you can explore, at your own pace, the valleys, pastures and rivers which lie at the foot of Monte Perdido, the highest peak (3,355 metres) in this part of Spain. A series of easily accessible trails will lead you to natural wonders such as the waterfall known as the “Cola de Caballo” (horse’s tail) (where you’ll see the water drop from a height of over 1,700 metres), the Gradas de Soaso rapids, and to viewing points like the Garganta, set atop a cliff. You’ll be surrounded by mountains over 3,000 metres high, and you may be lucky enough to see bearded vultures –with wingspans of over 2 metres– as they soar above the summits.



Goreme National Park and Cappadocia is a unique design of nature with slopes full of fairy-chimneys, rich water resources at the base of the valley, abundant flora, and numerous rock cut, frescoed churches.

Cappadocia, which was sculpted out of the tuff of the Erclyes and Hasan Mountains through millions of years by sand and water erosion, became the seat of several civilisations, and a silent witness to the cultural history of Anatolia. Cappadocia also covers underground cities. These enchanting and only partially revealed subterranean cities of Cappadocia are believed to have deeper levels awaiting exploration. The most extraordinary underground cities are in the regions of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Mazl Ozkonak and Tatlarin. The underground cities, for long periods used as sanctuaries, were recently renovated and made available to visitors.



The high mountain area of Sarek looks a lot like the Alps with high mountain massifs and deep valleys. The most known is the Rapa valley with its magnificent delta and rich animal life. Some hundred glaciers form with the melted water, rapid mountain rivulets and small waterfalls. Six of the peaks are over 2000 meters over the ocean. Sarek is not easy accessible and have demanding terrain conditions. Except for the Royal Trail that passes in the southern parts, there are no hiking trails.



Vatnajökull National Park consists of glacier Vatnajökull and some of its surrounding areas. Visitor centres are located in Skaftafell and Höfn (southeast Iceland), Skriðuklaustur (east Iceland) and Jökulsárgljúfur (northeast Iceland).

Large areas of the park lie in highland areas. If you are heading into the Icelandic highlands, you must be properly prepared, as the weather, river flow and driving or walking conditions may change very suddenly.

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Best Diving Destinations in Europe

Europe is not only the perfect destination for city breaks, it is also a perfect destination for diving lovers. Get your masks, your fins, your diving suits ready and enjoy a wonderful dive in the clear blue waters of Europe. From Croatia to Spain via England, we have selected for you some of the Best diving destinations in Europe.

Gozo Island - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  View Apart  - European Best Destinations

Gozo Island


Malta offers you the best climate in Europe as well as warm waters throughout the year. Discover the underwater depths of the Mediterranean in the clear waters of  Gozo island at anytime since diving is possible all year round.

Book your hotel at the best price in Malta as well as the best activities as a full-day Gozo island excursion from Malta or a full-day Gozo and Blue lagoon Cruise tour.

Moreover the inhabitants of Malta are very friendly and generous people, they will make you adore their incredible country.

Tenerife - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  Jan-Nor Photography - European Best Destinations



Enjoy the blue waters of one of Europe’s sunniest destinations. This island of the Canarieswelcomes divers from all over the world every year. They enjoy its warm and clear waters as well as its incredible fauna and flora.

Book your hotel at the best price in Tenerife as well as the best activities on the island and come and swim with the turtles of Tenerife.

Losinj - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  xbrchx  - European Best Destinations



Croatia is a paradise for lovers of nature and diving. Its preserved nature and exceptional landscapes make this country one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Treat yourself to a holiday away from the crowd, noise and pollution on the Losinj island. Dive into the blue waters of Losinj to discover its underwater treasures. You can of course book your hotel, apartment, villa, guesthouse at the best price in Losinj but also in the nearby towns that connect the island such as Zadar and Pula. Losinj is not a paradise lost since it even has its own airport!

Guadeloupe - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  Vlad61 - European Best Destinations



Guadeloupe is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in France for diving! Guadeloupe is quite far from Paris, but has nothing to envy to the capital with an excellent tourist offer. 6000 km from the French coast it is located near Venezuela.

You will enjoy both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Come and discover its exceptional seabed and book your hotel at the best price in Guadeloupe for a dream holiday.

Capri - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  Reidl - European Best Destinations



Mariah Carey uses to spend her holiday in Capri. If you absolutely do not want to see her, jump into the blue waters of Capri : they  are as rich and dazzling as its landscapes.

This Italian island has seduced the most discerning travellers. Make a tour of the island and do some of the best activities that  we have selected for you ! Book your hotel at the best price in Capri for a perfect holiday in the blue waters of a 5 star destination.

Pembrokeshire  - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright Billy Stock - European Best Destinations



Located in southwestern Wales, Pembrokeshire offers breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

This unique destination in the world also inspired the directors of “Robin Hood” which was filmed in Pembrokeshire. Come and discover the underwater depths of Pembrokeshire and book your accommodation at the best price for holidays in the great outdoors and in the unspoilt nature of Wales.

Murcia - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  GOLFX - European Best Destinations



Come and enjoy one of the sunniest destinations in Europe and its exceptional seabed. Murcia is one of the best diving destinations in Europe. The waters of Murcia are perfect for scuba diving. Murcia has all that can make a scuba diving lover happy with its protected marine reserve and an incredible flora and fauna.

Book your hotel, villa, apartment at the best price in Murcia and your best activities in Murcia for a holiday under the Spanish sun.

Brac Island - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  Lev Levin  - European Best Destinations



Croatia is a paradise for nature lovers ; the Brac island is one of the largest islands in the Central Dalmatian region. It is also one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The beauty of the island will leave you speechless !

Its underwater depths will subjugate you. Visit this gem which offers everything you could wish for an unforgettable holiday in a preserved nature. Book your hotel on the Brac island at the best price and the best activities in Dalmatia for an unforgettable stay in Croatia.

Genoa - Abbazia di San Fruttuoso - Best diving destinations in Europe - Copyright  Lawrence Cruciana - European Best Destinations



Visit the capital of Liguria, one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. If you are not brave and  do not want to dive, experience the Genoa Aquarium. If you are more adventurous, come diving in Italy. The “Abazzia Di San Fruttuoso” is awaiting you!

This abbey located in the province of Genoa is not within easy reach but is worth the trip. The original bronze statue of the “Christ of the Abyss” has been there since 1954. The bronze comes from medals of athletes, cannons, spare parts of boats…

There are many replicas of this statue in the world. The statue pays tribute to those who dedicate their lives to the sea. Book your hotel in Genoa and your best activities in Liguria for an amazing holiday in Italy.

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Best Destinations to get retired in Europe

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You have had a hard worklife and are fed up with it ! You need a long rest or want to start a guest house or a bed and breakfast in the sun? We have selected for you the best destinations in Europe for a happy retirement.

Sea, sun, farniente, affordable real estate, good airline connections, good hospitals, cultural activities and good restaurants are guaranteed! Come discover the best European destinations to get retired in Europe and before settling in the country make your first visit by booking your hotel at the best price.

Mallorca - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright VICTOR TORRES - European Best Destinations

Soller – Mallorca


Mallorca is not just a holiday island it is a small paradise on earth  for all. Nature is protected and the sun shines all year round. Want to retire in the sun ? Come and discover Mallorca by booking your hotel  in the main town of the island, Palma de Mallorca or your accommodation in a quieter and traditional village like Soller. Come and enjoy your retreat in the Balearic Islands.


Brittany - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright  canadastock - European Best Destinations



There are some regions in France with a very strong identity like Alsace, Corsica or Brittany. They offer breathtaking scenery and sumptuous beaches such as that of the “plage de l’île vierge” of Crozon, Brittany is a perfect area for retirees who want to enjoy a pleasant living environment, direct contact with nature, the elements, the sea, the real sea, full of ardor, energy.

Brittany is perfect for great outdoors and pancakes lovers. Brittany remains one of the most affordable regions in France for real estate and a good place to invest. Come and discover Brittany by booking your accommodation at the best price in Saint-MaloRennesDinanQuimperDinardLorient or Brest.

Martinique - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Anna Jedynak - European Best Destinations



You will soon retire and life in continental Europe has become too hard? No problem! Give a try in Martinique which is also called “The island of flowers” You will certainly be captivated by the beauty of the place!

Book your accommodation and your plane tickets at the best price and go discover the different places in Martinique. Enjoy life, get informed about the price of apartments or houses. Book your hotel in Fort-de-France which is the county town of the French department situated in the Caribbean, but also in Le DiamantSaint-Anne or Les Trois Ilets.


Istria - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Aleksandar Todorovic - European Best Destinations



Istria is located in the north of Croatia. It is close to the border with Slovenia and very close to the very famous city of Venice. Istria is a perfect place for retirees looking for sun, relaxation and gastronomy, who love both the sea and the forests, truffles and wine, olives and fresh fish.

Come and discover the beauties and richness of Istria and book your accommodation at the best price in RovinjPulaMotovun.

With a high quality of life, real estate at affordable prices, a very good connection with all the airports of Europe, Istria is a perfect place to get enjoy a peaceful retirement.


Malta - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright In Green - European Best Destinations


Malta is known all over the world for the quality of its tourist offer but more and more travellers also decide to settle down there. Come and enjoy one of the best climates in Europe and discover the 8 islands that form this archipelago and choose one of the 4 inhabited islands to enjoy a sunny retreat in Malta.

English is the second official language of the country and the inhabitants are very friendly. Come and discover Malta by booking your hotel at the best price in Valletta or if you are a nature lover go to the island of Gozo and to Mellieha rewarded with the title of “Best hidden gems in Europe” and “European Destination Of Excellence “.

Take advantage of this and book your best activities and tours in Malta and a full-day Gozo Island Experience or a Half Day scenic tour of Malta in a vintage bus.


Algarve - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Sergio Stakhnyk - European Best Destinations



It is not a secret: the Algarve is one of European retirees’ favourite destinations; English, French and German retirees love the place with all year-round sunshine and unspoiled nature.

The Portuguese are friendly people and Portugal is rich in history; it is also the perfect country for gastronomes. Book your hotel, villa, apartment, guesthouse at the best price in Algarve and discover the beauties and richness of this destination.

Tuscany - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright c- European Best Destinations



Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy. It is famous for its magnificent landscapes ranked among the best landscapes in Europe.

Pick your luggage for a few days in Florence and come discover the place by booking your best activities in Tuscany like a visit to San Gimignano or a visit of Siena from Florence. You can also visit the Uffizi Gallery or the Palazzo Vecchio. Discover the breathtaking countryside of Tuscany and get lost in its small villages. Meet a real estate agent and visit a few houses and apartments. Then make up your mind whether to retire in your wet country or enjoy the beauty and warmth of Tuscany

Aquitaine - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Alexander Demyanenko - European Best Destinations

New Aquitaine


Bordeaux, Arcachon, Biarritz, Saint-Emilion, Gironde, come discover “La Nouvelle Aquitaine” a large region in the Southwest of France. It is famous for its history, its quality of life and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Imagine your retirement in Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint-Emilion, in the middle of the most beautiful vineyards of France or facing the sea in an incredible region. Book your hotel at the best price in New Aquitaine.


Samos Island in Greece - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak - European Best Destinations

Samos Island


Located near Bodrum or Izmir in Turkey, Samos Island has been a Greek island for just over a century. The Greeks expelled the Ottomans from this island in 1912. Because of its proximity to Turkey you will have plenty of time to travel between the most beautiful Greek islands and the most beautiful seaside resorts in Turkey. Come and discover the beautiful beaches of Samos and its fishing villages and get ready to live your retirement on Samos Island.

Book your accommodation today at the best price in Samos and give a try for a peaceful retirement in the sun near the sea.

Madeira - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Henner Damke - European Best Destinations



The Madeira Islands are a gift from heaven to people who have worked all their lives. Like Churchill and his wife, come and rest in the Madeira Islands and enjoy the city center of Funchal, its shops and its typical market.

Discover the beautiful village of Santana and its traditional houses or the island of Porto Santoand its kilometric beach of fine sand. The inhabitants are friendly and polite. Moreover they can speak several languages; they will help you become acclimatized to the islands, their beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the year.

Come and discover the Madeira Islands by booking your accommodation at the best price on Madeira Islands.


Dalmatia - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright anshar - European Best Destinations



Dalmatia is one of the largest and most beautiful regions in Croatia. It is over 300 kilometers long.   Come and discover Split, a young and lively place and the biggest city in Dalmatia. Visit Zadar, the best European destination with the most beautiful sunset in Europe. Visit Sibenik and its bedazzling countryside thanks to its proximity with the Krka National Parkwhichi is for sure one of the most beautiful natural pools in Europe.

Hurry up and visit Dalmatia! You will certainly like the place for your retirement if you like good food, good wine, sun, sea and unspoilt nature. Come and discover Dalmatia by booking your hotel or apartment or villa in Dalmatia at the best price.

Asturias Cudillero Spain  - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Lukasz Janyst - European Best Destinations



We chose Cudillero, a gorgeous hidden gem to illustrate the Asturias, but the whole area deserves to be visited and considered for a retirement in Spain. Come and discover Asturias by booking your hotel in Gijon or Oviedo and discover the beauties of Asturias.

The temperatures in summer and winter are milder than on the Costa Brava they are never too cold or too hot and the landscape with its mountains and the sea  is in constant evolution. If you like the sea book your hotel in Cudilerro or Gijon, if you prefer the mountains book your hotel in Cofino. We advise the magnificent Puebloastur Eco Resort Wellness.

Porto  - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Mapics - European Best Destinations

Porto & The North


Many retirees choose to settle in the Algarve, the south of Portugal, or Madeira with its delicious climate and breathtaking scenery, but Porto and the North of Portugal are excelent destinations for retired people; the real estate is cheaper and the cultural life is richer.

Porto and Northern Portugal are perfect for retirees who want to have an active social and cultural life and benefit from an airport connected to the whole world. Porto enjoys an incredible quality of life and all the facilities of a large city such as the many shops, public hospitals and private clinics, but also a direct access to the sea and a magnificent River, the Douro.

Come and discover Porto by booking your hotel at the best price as well as your best activities and tours in Porto: for example a Douro Valley tour or a food walk tour in Porto or a River Cruise on the Douro.

Vernazza Cinque Terre - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright grafalex - European Best Destinations



Liguria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. The “Cinque Terre”, a group of 5 sumptuous villages clinging to the cliffs  are worldwide famous for their stunning landscapes and villages.

Take time to discover this region by booking your accommodation at the best price in Cinque Terre. Come and discover this magnificent destination, perfect for a retreat in Italy. We advise you to plan your visit to the Cinque Terre in June, July or August and you will be amazed by the sun illuminating the colourful fishermen houses.

French Riviera - Menton - Best places to get retired in Europe - Copyright Inu - European Best Destinations

French Riviera


The French Riviera is famous for its beautiful towns, villages and mild climate. It is a dream place for many travellers and retirees. MonacoNiceCap FerretMenton…, come discover the most beautiful destinations to retire in Europe and  book your accommodation at the best price as well as your best activities  for example a walking tour of the treasures of Nice or a day trip to Monte-Carlo.

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Most Beautiful Fortified Cities in Europe

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You are passionate about history and you want to discover beautiful destinations in Europe and cities with a rich historical past? Discover our selection of the best fortified cities in Europe.

All these cities are surrounded by impassable ramparts against invaders. Looking back in Europe’s history and its ever-evolving geographical territories, we realize that many cities have tried to protect themselves for years. Welcome to one of the most beautiful fortified cities in Europe and book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse, villa at the best price and the to discover all the beauties of these fortified cities.

Best fortified destinations in Europe - European Best Destinations - ancient arabic fortress of Alhambra, Granada, Spain Copyright Shchipkova Elena



If you come to Granada, visit the Alhambra, one of the most important monuments of Islamic architecture in Europe. Facing Algeria and Morocco, Spain experienced a strong Muslim presence from the 7th to the 15th century. The Alhambra is a fortified city that will be one of the last Muslim bastions in Spain. This medieval city was given to the Christian king of Spain in 1492 without violence or fighting by Muhammad XII.


Best fortified destinations in Europe - Beautiful classic postcard view of the famous historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber Copyright canadastock  - European Best Destinations



Located on the Romantic Road of Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a splendid Bavarian city and one of the few cities in Europe with ramparts dating back to the fifteenth century.



Best fortified destinations in Europe - Beautiful view of the ancient town of Assisi with dramatic cloudscape in golden evening light, Umbria, Italy Copyright Canadastock  - European Best Destinations



Situated in Umbria, Assisi is Saint Francis of Assisi’s birthplace He was probably the most famous saint of the Catholic Church .He always walked in the company of small animals. St. Francis of Assisi is the holy protector of animals.



Best fortified destinations in Europe  Castle of Carcassonne, France Copyright Rolf E. Staerk - European Best Destinations



Carcassone is certainly the most famous medieval city in France. Its double 3 km long rampart and its 52 towers are the symbols of this city classified as a World Heritage of UNESCO.


Best fortified destinations in Europe Catedral de Santa Maria de Segovia in the historic city of Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain Copyright Canadastock  - European Best Destinations



The city of Segovia, located in Castile & Leon is surrounded by fortified walls and has many other impressive monuments such as the Roman aqueduct or the amazing church and castle. Book your accommodation at the best price and come discover Segovia as well as the best activities in Segovia such as a full-day walking tour.

Best fortified destinations in Europe - Copyright   Dubrovnik Croatia. A panoramic view of the walled city. Copyright Sorin Colac  - European Best Destinations



Dubrovnik is certainly the most famous city in Croatia. It had to face an earthquake in 1667. It is now a nearly intact medieval city with magnificent buildings, fortresses, churches in the “renaissance” and “baroque” style. Book your Dubrovnik hotel, apartment, guest house, villa at the best prices and walk in the steps of “Games of Thrones” by booking one of the guided tours and activities in Dubrovnik.

Best fortified destinations in Europe Malaga, Spain cityscape at the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel of Malaga. Copyright ESB Professional



Malaga is a very beautiful city in Spain, especially the old town of Malaga and the Alcazaba of Malaga, that is to say the Citadel of Malaga. Linked to the castle of Gibralforo, the two monuments seem to form one block. In fact there are two fortifications. Visit the Alcazaba for a panoramic view of Malaga and its port.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Medieval city walls of Avila, Castilla y Leon, Spain Copyright Lukasz Janyst - European Best Destinations



Castille & Leon is made for lovers of fortified towns. Avila is a quite citynear the  beautiful walled city of Segovia.  This beautiful city of Spain is surrounded by an intact medieval wall . Go up the Douro and get to Porto Portugal.

Avila is an ancient fortified city. Parts of its ramparts can still be seen. You can also book exciting attractions in Avila that will make your holiday unforgettable. Book your stay in Avila at the best price as well as your activities such as a full day guided tour.


Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Saint Malo beach and city medieval architecture during Low Tide. Brittany, France, Europe Copyright Pisaphotography - European Best Destinations



Saint-Malo is one of the most beautiful fortified towns in Brittany. Its name was changed after the French Revolution. The city was called “Port Malo” excluding any Catholic reference. It reconquered  the name ‘Saint Malo” again later. Come discover the treasures of this fortified city of Brittany as well as our selection of cheap hotels in Saint-Malo.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Street in York, UK Copyright  WDG Photo - European Best Destinations



The whole medieval city center of York is surrounded by ramparts that protect it from the invader. The famous “Robin Hood’s Tower”is to the North. The Romans built the first ramparts in the 5th century but these were destroyed by the Vikings and rebuilt in the 12th century in the form that we know today.

Come and discover the North of England and the charming city of York and book your hotel, B&B, apartment, guesthouse at the best price in Yorkshire as well as your best activities in one of the most beautiful parts of England.


Best fortified destinations in Europe   - Sunset over Old City Town Tallinn In Estonia Copyright Grisha Bruev - European Best Destinations



Tallinn is both the capital of Estonia and the largest port in the country. Its name “Tallinn” means “castle”. It got that name just a century ago when the city became independent. The city was called “Reval” before. Come and discover the history of Tallinn by booking your hotel at the best price in Tallinn and your activities.

Best fortified destinations in Europe   - Toledo, Spain old town cityscape at the Alcazar. Copyright ESB Professional - European Best Destinations



Toledo’ comes from the Latin word “Toletum” which means “fortified population”. Come and discover this city built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Located in the center of Spain, Toledo is within easy reach from Madrid. You can either stay in a hotel, a guesthouse or an apartment in Toledo or find your accommodation at the best price in Madrid and book your activities in the region such as a Toledo full-day tour from Madrid.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - View of the beautiful medieval village of Obidos in the centre of Portugal Copyright Carlos Caetano - European Best Destinations



Portugal has everything to make you happy: Porto and Lisbon, a breathtaking scenery, nice and friendly people and an exciting story that has changed the face of the world. Do not miss Obidos if you are passionate about ramparts. Obidos is world famous for the beauty of its ramparts.

Book your accommodation at the best price in Obidos and treat yourself to guided tours of the most beautiful things to see and do in Obidos and the central region of Portugal.

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Best Destinations for Sales

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You like traveling in Europe and you want to do shopping at the best prices? We have selected for you the best shopping destinations for your sales in Europe. Here are some good ideas for a shopping citytrip in Europe.


Take a look and discover the fashion sales in Milan, London, Paris and the trendy sales in Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels, If you really want the best prices in wonderful cities, go to Lisbon or Istanbul, the best destinations for cheap and smart shopping and book your hotel at the best price guaranteed in one of the best destinations for sales in Europe.

London Sales destination - European Best Destinations



Carnaby Street & Covent Garden

 is one of the greatest capitals of fashion in Europe, you will find the major brands as well as designer creations.

Wintersales already begin the day after Christmas! From 26th December until mid January.

Summersales: 3rd week of June until mid July


Milan Sales - European Best Destinations



In Milan and around you will find some great shops and outlets like the Dolce & Gabbana factory outlet (Via Rossini 70, Legnano, Milan).

An incredible shopping experience for all tastes and purses, in a place where design and fashion have made their home.

Wintersales : from 7th January (for 30 days)
Summersales: from 7th July, (for 30 days)





Where ?
Leave the city center and go to the real stores where Portuguese people go. Discover the Outlets around Lisbon to make real bargains.

Clothes made in Portugal are very good and are often much cheaper. You will find all major brands at lower prices.

Wintersales: from 7th January to  28th February
Summersales: from 7th June to 30th September





Shopping in style in Salesas

What makes Salesas special are its multi-brand retailers, as well as the Spanish and international boutiques – Yube, Nice Things, NAC – that line up along its streets. For urban-style clothing, head for Baccana, Elsa or Monoplaza, where design rules and shoppers can find all kinds of items, from sportswear and casual apparel to elegant and sophisticated garments.

Wintersales: From 7th January to 7th March!
Summersales: From beginning of July until late September.





Galleries Lafayette & Champs-Elysées

A symbol of French lifestyle, the Galeries Lafayette offer lively, multiple and plural fashion. A flagship of the brand, in Paris, the department store on Boulevard Haussmann succeeds in bringing together the best creations in 70,000 m² spread across 3 buildings, and offers a unique shopping experience to its visitors. Enter the largest department store in the world

Wintersales : beginning of January until mid February .
Summersales: end of June until end of July.





Kanyon shopping mall.

There are dozens of shopping malls in Istanbul, Forum Istanbul, Metrocity, Akmerkez, Istinye Park, besides the passages, markets and the busy shopping street Istiklal Caddesi. One of them however is particularly noteworthy because of its unique architecture. This is the Kanyon shopping mall, opened in 2006 and located in the Levent metro stop. Executives from neighbouring offices lunch there and there are several levels of chic boutiques to satisfy the fashionistas’passion.

The mall’s architecture which has the shape of a canyon – hence its name Kanyon – is remarkably successful.

There are no fixed sales dates in Turkey.
Wintersales: December-January
Summersales : June-July





El Corte Inglès at Plaça Catalunya

Barcelona is beautiful, romantic, modern and fabulous. It is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and even in winter there are sunny days.

Wintersales: 7th January until beginning of March
Summersales: 1st July – 31st  August





Berlin’s Friedrichstraße

Elegant and cosmopolitan world of shopping featuring international designer fashion, couture, leading avant-garde designers, it-labels and young contemporary fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, books, art, flowers and interior design.

In Germany there is no specific dates for sales.
Wintersales: end of January
Summersales: end of August





Rue Neuve – Avenue Louise – rue Dansaert

Shopping in Brussels is all about fashion and design. From the lower part of the city,( reserve of exclusive designers and boutiques,), right up to the heights of the capital where the emphasis is put on luxury from near and far, not forgetting the districts that are home to the big chains, there’s something to suit all tastes and all purses.

Wintersales: from the 2nd January until the 31st January.
Summersales: from the 1st July until the 31 July.




The Netherlands

Bijenkorf shopping centre and around the Dam (city centre).

The compact size of Amsterdam’s historical city centre is just one of the many reasons why it is a perfect destination for a shopping trip.

No specific dates for sales in the Netherlands.
Wintersales: in January.
Summersales: in August.

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Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations in Europe

Category : Europe , Visit Europe

The best destinations in Europe are visited each year by millions of travellers but also by stars from all over the world. If you dream of coming across your favourite celebrity in a swimsuit on the beaches of Spain, order the same pizza as Kim Kardashian in Florence, cross the future king of England in a hotel in Portugal or live a romance in Venice like George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, we have selected your celebrities’ favourite destinations on holiday in Europe.

Algarve - Kate and William -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright David Herraez Calzada - European Best Destinations


Kate & William

The Algarve – Portugal

The Algarve is a true paradise for nature, sun and sea lovers and for those who want to recharge their batteries in one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Portugal has had a very good relationship with England for hundreds of years and invented Port wine to match the English taste. Prince William, future King of England and his wife Kate know it : Portugal is the perfect place for a honeymoon in the sun.

If you want to book Kate and William’s honeymoon hotel, book your stay at the Tivoli Marina in Vilamoura at the best price. We also propose hundreds of other hotels in Algarve, great things to do in the Algarve like wine caves tours or a Pirate Ship Cruise along the Algarve coast or even a eight day tour of Portugal.


Capri - Mariah Carey -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright David Herraez Calzada - European Best Destinations


Mariah Carey

Capri – Italy

Enjoy Capri, one of the most beautiful islands in Europe with its beautiful landscapes and, like many celebrities fall under the charm of the Italian island.

Relax and enjoy ! Mariah Carey loves swimming in the blue waters of Capri, so do Sacha Baron Cohen, Rihanna and the famous Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg. If you do not have a private island like Mariah Carey, do not panic, we propose magnificent hotels in Capri or Positano for an exceptional holiday as well as the best things to see and do in CapriNaples and Positano.


Florence - Kim Kardashian -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright gillmar - European Best Destinations


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Florence – Italy

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married in this beautiful and so romantic city! If you want to experience such a honeymoon too, book your room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. We also have thousands of hotels available in Florence and Italy, at the best prices guaranteed.


Dubrovnik - Hillary and bill clinton -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Sorin Colac - European Best Destinations


Bill & Hillary Clinton 

Dubrovnik – Croatia

Celebrities in Dubrovnik are as numerous as its inhabitants! This famous destination of Croatia inspired the famous “Game of Thrones” series. It was Elisabeth Taylor’s favourite holiday destination. Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Kevin Spacey and Roger Moore loved the place too and not to mention John Malkovich.

Dubrovnik is a perfect destination for sunbathing lovers and for those who  enjoy short , cultural excursions and a fine meal on the coasts of Croatia. Book your hotel and activities in Dubrovnik on our website and enjoy the best prices. If you have time, treat yourself to a day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro or visit Mostar and above all a Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik!


Formentera - Naomi Campbell -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright holbox - European Best Destinations


Naomi Campbell

Formentera – Spain

When you think of Saint Tropez you think about Brigitte Bardot. She was a very famous film star in the 50s. She still lives there with dozens of cats, dogs, chickens and donkeys. Formentera has been associated with Naomi Campbell for several years now.

Naomi Campbell was a famous British model. You may meet her if you book your holiday in Formentera in August. She often spends some time there for a holiday. The island, which is the smallest one in the Balearic Islands, is located in the South of Ibiza. Formentera is an exceptional place where nature is incredibly preserved with crystal clear water ; it is a paradise on earth.


Hvar - Prince Harry  -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright andras_csontos  - European Best Destinations


Prince Harry

Hvar – Croatia

More and more celebrities are enjoying the beauties of Croatia. This incredible country is probably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Tom Cruise comes to rest in Hvar, Prince Harry has parties and JF Kennedy used to go water skiing there in the early sixties.


Famous or not you will enjoy Hvar with its stunning landscapes, its pure blue sea water, its wonderful sunshine and beautiful walks. See our selection of the best hotels, flats and villas at the best prices in Hvar as well as the best tours and activities.


Ibiza - Paris Hilton -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright nito  - European Best Destinations


Paris Hilton

Ibiza – Spain

Ibiza is famous for its very long lasting celebrations! DJ stars love Ibiza, Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss too. If you cannot manage to see them on the beach or in their hotels have a look underwater!

We offer you the best activities in Ibiza like Scuba Diving for beginners. You can also rent a boat for a day and get the chance to meet your celebrities on their yachts!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in Ibiza, the party island in Europe!

Lake Como - George Clooney -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Boris Stroujko - European Best Destinations


Georges Clooney 

Lake Como – Italy

Lake Como is many celebrities’ paradise. George Clooney and Madonna use to live there. Lake Como, located in Lombardy, in the region of Milan, is a haven of peace for the rich and known. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable holiday and live as a celebrity, book your hotel at Lake Como. If you want to stay at George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Hitchcock’s favourite hotel, book your room at the Tremezzo Grand Hotel. We also offer dozens of activities in Lombardy for an unforgettable holiday in Italy.


Corsica - Penelope Cruz  -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright gillmar - European Best Destinations


Penelope Cruz 


If like Jay-Z you want to please your wife for her birthday, offer her a stay in Corsica! With a bit of luck you may come across Penelope Cruz who fell in love with this French island. Its  climate is ideal and its nature is preserved. You can also book your hotel and flight in Corsica at the best price with us.

St Barth - Zac Efron  -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Natalia Barsukova - European Best Destinations


Harrison Ford 

Saint Barthélémy – France

How about a dream holiday in “Saint Barth”, one of the most beautiful islands in Europe?Harrison Ford and Gwen Stefani love the place; its real name is St. Bartholomew, a small French island discovered by Christopher Columbus who named it after his brother. This island (9100 inhabitants) is certainly one of many celebrities’ favourite place. Explore Saint Barth, book your hotel, villa, or flat at the best price for a perfect holiday!


Antibes - Kate Blanchette -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Laborant - European Best Destinations


Leonardo di Caprio 

Antibes – France

Antibes is the pearl of 5-star tourism of the French Riviera. It is the ideal place to meet Leonardo Di Caprio or Paris Hilton at a poolside. Stars know good places and share their great finds with their friends. If you want to enjoy a Hollywood star holiday under the sun of the French Riviera, book your stay in Antibes at the hotel Royal Antibes. We also have hundreds of other available hotels for you and full day tours to Antibes, Cannes & Grasse, a visit of Billionaire’s splendors. You can also buy your Cote d’Azur access card to 180 activities, museums,,perfumeries, gardens, monuments, …


Taormina - Audrey Hepburn -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Marcin Krzyzak - European Best Destinations


Audrey Hepburn 

Taormina – Italy

Taormina is also called “The Monte Carlo of Sicily” as this beautiful destination has always attracted royal and noble families as well as celebrities.

The celebrity one prefers and whose presence is still palpable in Taormina is certainly the gorgeous and talented Audrey Hepburn.

If you want to spend a great holiday in Taormina you can book your stay at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo which has hosted very famous people since 1874. We also propose hundreds of cheaper hotels in Taormina, of course!


Sicily - Rihanna -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright Dalibor Kastratovic - European Best Destinations



Sicily – Italy

Sicily is the land of origin of many American personalities like Lady Gaga or Sylvester Stallone or Britney Spears’ grandmother! There is so much to do and to discover on this beautiful Italian island!

Book your hotel at the best price in Sicily and  book  your Sicily wine tasting tour, a sailing boat tour in Palermo, a walk on Mount Etna, one of the most famous volcanoes, or a tasting tour in Syracuse. You will love your holiday there!


Venice - Brad Pitt -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright g215  - European Best Destinations


Brad Pitt


Venice is one of the most famous world tourist destinations. Jude Law, Shia LaBeouf, Kirsten Stewart, Johnny Depp, Diane Kruger, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Matt Damon, here are some celebrities you might come across in Venice during a film shoot or a personal holiday.

Venice is the most romantic city in Europe. We have a selection of the best activities to do in Venice for you such as a gondola ride, a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica, a boat trip to Murano and Burano Islands … Book your activities and your hotel at the best price in Venice for a dream holiday!


Portofino - Beyoncé -  Best celebrities destinations in Europe - Copyright StevanZZ - European Best Destinations


Beyoncé & Jay Z  

Portofino – Italy

You may see Cher, Vanessa Hudgens, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Elle Macpherson, Mariah Carey, Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Oprah Winfrey, Lewis Hamilton, Lana Del Rey, Jennifer Lopez in Portofino.

Welcome to one of the pearls of tourism in Europe ! Many celebrities’ favourite place for a holiday. This beautiful little village by the sea has always been a place for relaxation and leisure for artists. Portofino is the meeting place of the international Jet set. Book your hotel at the best price and your activities in Portofino, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Best Dog Friendly Destinations in Europe

Category : Dog Friendly , Europe

You love your dog and you do not want to travel without it? We are animal lovers too and we have selected for you the destinations where your dog will not be looked at as an alien.

Choose your accommodation at the best price.

Wallonia - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Vitaly Titov - European Best Destinations



Walloons are friendly and pet friendly people who love their region; there is an incredible offer of more than 1300 pet friendly hotels in Wallonia.

Book your hotel at the best price for you and your pet in the most beautiful towns in Wallonia such as Durbuy, Liège, Namur or Mons. Click on the “pet friendly” option to see all available accommodations in Wallonia.


Dalmatia - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Ivica Drusany - European Best Destinations



Dalmatia, this beautiful region of Croatia, which gave its name to the famous “Dalmatian dog” is obviously a pet friendly destination.

Book your best activities in Dalmatia such as a visit to Trogir, Split or the Krka national park and book your pet friendly hotel at the best price in Dalmatia from our selection of over 1,000 dog friendly accommodations. Click on the “pet friendly” option and see all available accommodations in Dalmatia.


Paris - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright yongyot therdthai - European Best Destinations



Paris is one of the best destinations in Europe with more than 1,000 pet friendly establishments, hotels, appartments. Even the sublime Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg will welcome you and your pet during your stay in Paris.

Enjoy this warm welcome and let your pet walk through the parks in Paris such as the Parc des Buttes Chaumont or the Jardins du Luxembourg. If your pet wants to rest comfortably at the hotel, take advantage of it and offer you one of the best activities in Paris such as the visit of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or a cruise on the Seine.


Venezia - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright trotalo - European Best Destinations



Venice is not only the city of lovers, it is also the city of pet lovers with more than 500 pet-friendly accommodations from the most famous palaces such as the Baglioni Hotel Luna or the Westin Europa & Regina to dozens of affordable hotels and apartments; treat your pet to an unforgettable stay in Venice such as a traditional gondola experience, a boat trip to Murano island or a ticket to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.


Lisbon - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Vilant - European Best Destinations



Many people give up travelling with their pets because they are not treated with respect or consideration. This will not happen in a pet friendly country such as Portugal.

Portuguese people are also dog lovers among their many other qualities. More than 400 establishments in Lisbon are pet friendlyBook your hotel at the best price as well as your best activities for a holiday with your pet in Portugal.


Madrid - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Stan de Haas Photography - European Best Destinations



With more than 340 pet-friendly hotelsMadrid is one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Europe. Book your pet-friendly accommodation at the best price in Madrid such as the magnificent Westin Palace Hotel.

If you want to refresh yourself during your stay in Madrid, treat yourself to a hotel with a rooftop pool like the Catalonia Gran Via.

Book your pet-friendly hotel in the capital of Spain as well as your best activities as a Madrid Royal Palace guided tour of the Prado museum.


Santorini - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Samot - European Best Destinations



With nearly 300 pet friendly accommodationsSantorini, the beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea is a paradise for you and your dog. You will be happy to stroll around in the alleys.

Choose your pet friendly accommodation at the best price in Santorini, your favourite activities and have an unforgettable holiday in one of the Greek Islands.

Riga - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright dezi - European Best Destinations



The capital of Latvia is a wonderful destination ; it has been selected by thousands of travellers as one of the best destinations for a city break in Europe. With more than 230 pet friendly accommodationsRiga is also one of the best pet friendly destinations in Europe.

Book your hotel, B&B, guesthouse, appartment at the best price in Riga as well as your favourite activities such as walking tour of Riga’s beautiful art nouveau architecture.


Cadaques - Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright LaMiaFotografia - European Best Destinations



Cadaques is a charming fishing village where the eccentric Salvator Dali used to have a holiday as well as his more moderate but equally brilliant friend, Marcel Duchamp.

Treat yourself to a piece of history of art, sun and blue waters in this superb destination. Choose from over 130 pet friendly establishments, hotels, appartments, at the best price for a holiday under the sun of Cadaques.


Bruges- Best dog friendly destinations in Europe - Copyright Youproduction - European Best Destinations



More than 50 establishments are pet friendly in Bruges. The town is a perfect destination for travellers with pets. Discover all the beauties and treasures of Bruges with your pet.

Book your hotel at the best price and your favourite activities in Bruges such as a private walking tour or a beer & chocolate tasting in Bruges.

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Best Europe Destinations to Visit by Train

Category : Europe , Visit Europe

You can go exploring Europe on foot, by car, by bike and even on horseback. Discovering Europe by train is certainly the best and most pleasant way to enjoy the most beautiful scenery while relaxing.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are our favourite destinations to discover in Europe by trainBook your hotel, apartment, bed and breakfast, your and treat yourself to a unique experience in the best European destinations to visit  by train.

Glacier Express


The Glacier Express is one of the most iconic railway lines in the world. It is also the slowest high-speed train in Europe as the journey from Zermatt to Davos lasts 7 hours. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

In this picture you can see one of the most famous bridges but the Glacier Express crosses more than 90 tunnels and passes over more than 290 amazing bridges. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable journey to discover the best European destinations by train. Book your hotel in Zermatt or Davos at the best price and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.


Jacobite Steam Train


The Glenfinnan Railway viaduct and the famous steam train are famous and can be seen in many films. You will probably have seen it in the very popular Harry Potter film. Book your hotel in Glenfinnan and take a closer look at this magnificent viaduct.

Immortalize the passage of the Jacobite Steam Train, a precious souvenir of your trip to Scotland. Experience an incredible experience and book your tour of the region today on board the Jacobite Steam Train


Soller – Mallorca


Located between the mountains and the sea, Soller is the most charming village on the island of Mallorca. If you want to have an incredible view of the whole island we invite you to experience a trip aboard the traditional train that goes up the Soller mountains. If you are staying in Palma, come to Soller by train, it’s faster and easier. You can also book your hotel in Soller as well as many activities to discover this charming and authentic place.




Stockholm is a hyper-connected city with beautiful metro stations ranked among the most beautiful metro stations in Europe. You can easily discover Stockholm and its surroundings by train. It is a gentle and eco-friendly way to discover one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Book the best activities in Stockholm and your hotel at the best prices in the capital of Sweden.


Bernina Express


Forget about  donkeys, about cold and chapped lips ! Nothing is more comfortable or pleasant to cross the Alps than the Bernina Express. From Chur to Tirano via Davos, cross several cultures and languages.

Manarola – Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre is the icing on the cakeone of the most breathtaking spots in Italy with incredible landscapes. You would think they are coming out from a children’s fairy tale.

If you want to make the most of Cinque Terre you can book your hotel on the spot as well as thebest activities like a boat tour or a train arrival from Florence.

Mountain Rigi – Luzern


Treat yourself to one of the most incredible panoramic views in Switzerland by boarding this train from Vitznau and Arth-Goldau. If you are able to get up early, take an early train to enjoy the sunrise, a wonderful experience at the top of Switzerland.

Norway Flam Railway


The Flam Railway is an incredible experience, an enchanting journey but also one of travellers’ favourite attractions to discover Norway. Discover some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway. You can enjoy it by staying either at Myrdal or Bergen which offers connections to Myrdal throughout the year.



Lisbon is incredible, charming and unforgettable. Have you ever noticed that its emblematic red bridge looked like the one in San Francisco? Here is the explanation:  the two bridges were made by the same American company. While crossing this bridge by train you will see a statue: the Cristo Rei, a replica of the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Formerly known as the “Pont de Salazar”, a Portuguese dictator, this bridge, crossed by a railway line linking Lisbon to Almada, is now called the 25th April Bridge, the date of the Portuguese revolution.

Book your best activities in Lisbon like a visit to Lisbon Castle or the Tower of Belem as well as your hotel. Stay in one of the famous Portuguese Pousadas or in one of the 2800 hotels, flats, hostels at the best price guaranteed in Lisbon.

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Best Beaches in Europe 2018

Category : Europe , Visit Europe

Welcome to paradise !

The selection is yours; come discover your most beautiful beaches in Europe and make sure you pack your suncream, swimsuit, sunglasses and inflatable lobster in order to make  the most of the breathtaking beaches in Europe. You deserve a holiday… Plan your stay today and take your pick among the best hotels, apartments, B&Bs, guesthouses at the best price. Book your too. Welcome to paradise !


Arrabida beach in Setubal - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Landscape Nature Photo


Praia dos Galapinhos – Arrábida Natural Park

Setúbal – Portugal


Portugal is extraordinary! More and more travellers from all over the world are discovering it with amazement. Do not miss the beautiful cities of Lisbon and Porto (elected best European destination three times). Plan a romantic stay in Sintra or enjoy the wild beauty of the Azores and the luxuriance of the island of Madeira.

Admire the beauty of the beaches in the Nature Park of Setubal, south of Lisbon. Travellers from around the world decided it was the most beautiful beach in Europe, the perfect beach in an unspoilt nature. The closest hotel to the beach is certainly the Hotel “Casa da Adôa“, we also invite you to discover the “Troia Design Hotel“, facing this beautiful beach” Discover our large selection of hotels, B&Bs, apartments at the best prices in Setubal or Lisbon and discover THE most beautiful beach in Europe.


Canal d'amour - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Calin Stan


Canal d’Amour

Sidari – Greece


Sidari is a pretty little seaside town that houses a beautiful secret beach, a natural curiosity called “Canal d’amour / Love Canal” due to its hollow form housing a beautiful small beach. Come discover this exceptional and hidden beach and book your hotel, guesthouse, apartment at the best price guaranteed in Sidari.


Porto Timoni Beach in Corfu - Best beach in Europe - Copyright KarlosXII


Porto Timoni Beach

Corfu – Greece


Porto Timoni, located near Agios Georgios, is obviously one of the most beautiful spots on the island of Corfu; it is a real paradise on earth.

Afionas village is stunning and its restaurants are very good and affordable. Walk out of the village and get to the most unique spot in the world.

Book your holiday at the best price guaranteed and your favourite activities in Corfu. If you’d rather stay in the nearest hotel we advise you to book at the “Cosmos Beach House“. The rooms have superb views of the sea for a perfect holiday in Corfu.


Santa Giulia beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak


Santa Giulia Beach



This beautiful beach, located a few kilometres from Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio is a real paradise on earth. It is in the image of Corsica: beautiful and wild. Enjoy its turquoise water and its white sand  and  book your hotel in the nice towns of Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio.

You really like the landscape in the photo? Book the Moby Dick Hotel for a Robinson Crusoe experience and your best activities in Corsica for an unforgettable holiday on the island of beauty.


Moscenika Draga Beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Matej Kastelic


Moscenicka Draga Beach



Moscenicka Draga is a very charming little town in Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You will fall under the charm of this small beach which is perfect for a relaxing holiday under the sun of Croatia.

Book your stay at Moscenicka Draga today at the best price guaranteed. If you want to stay just a few metres from this beautiful beach, book your stay at “Apartments Erika” or take your pick among our offer of hotels, villas, apartments and B&Bs in Moscenicka Draga and also book your best activities in Croatia.


Pregonda beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Rulan


Pregonda beach

Menorca – Spain


Come discover Pregonda Beach on Menorca island, one of the most beautiful European islands. It is great in summer but even more off season when the creek and the beach are not crowded.

Pregonda beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the island. It has remained wild and secretive. Come enjoy the fine sand and sun of Menorca and book your hotel, apartment, villa at the best price guaranteed. We recommend the “Agroturismo Son Vives Menorca“, which is very close to this beautiful beach.

Discover a selection of the finest hotels with access to the beach in Menorca as well as our complete range of hotels, apartments, and B&Bs at the best price. Enjoy your stay in Menorca and experience the best activities in the Balearic Islands.


Monterosso al mare - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright leoks


Monterosso al Mare

Cinque Terre – Italy


Monterosso al mare is the fifth village of “Cinque Terre”, the only one with real beaches in this beautiful part of Liguria. Book your stay at the “Roca Du Ma Pasu hotel” you will enjoy magnificent views of the beautiful beach of Monterosso al mare. If the hotel is booked up, no problem, book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed in the Cinque Terre for a perfect holiday in Italy.


Cala Agulla beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright holbox


Cala Agulla beach

Mallorca – Spain


This beautiful beach is very well maintained. It is wild but you can enjoy cold drinks and ice-creams on the spot. Taste the homemade cocktails and relax while enjoying a beautiful scenery. Book your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or villa at the best price guaranteed in Mallorca as well as your best activities such as a stand-up Paddle tour of the island. Book your room at the “Mar Azul Estil Hotel & Spa”, it is close to the beach or take your pick from the best hotels in Capdepera.


Mitjaneta beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Pawel Kazmierczak


Mitjaneta beach

Menorca – Spain


The island of Menorca obviously has the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Mitjaneta beach is just magical. Come  bathe in its 29 degrees turquoise water and enjoy its fine sand and the sun of Menorca.

The beach is just like heaven but it is small, so you will have to get up early in the morning if you want to enjoy the quietness and romance of the beach.

Book your hotel, apartment or villa at the best price guaranteed in Menorca today. For those who want to stay closest to Mitjaneta beach we recommend the “Meliá Cala Galdana hotel” with direct views of the beach. Discover all the accommodation at the best price in Menorca for a dream holiday on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.


Palombaggia beach corsica - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright gevision


Palombaggia Beach

Porto-Vecchio – Corsica


This beach is beautiful closely and remotely. Come enjoy the sun of Corsica and take shelter in its wonderful pines. Some travellers consider Palombaggia beach the most beautiful beach in Corsica, a real paradise on earth with crystal clear water, calm sea and white sand.

Come enjoy a perfect holiday on one of the most beautiful island in Europe. Book your Porto-Vecchio holiday today. We recommend the “Residence Belvedere de Palombaggia” with magnificent views of the sea to travellers who want to stay closer to the beach.


Seychelles beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright kostasgr


Seychelles Beach

Icaria – Greece


Your effort will be rewarded ! The access to the beach is not very easy, the beach is fairly small but it is so beautiful! Come have a swim in the clear waters of the most beautiful beach in the island. It is called “Seychelles Beach“. Can you guess why ? Wear your walking shoes to get there as you will have to walk away from the beaten paths to discover this exceptional beach.

Book your hotel, B&B, apartment, villa at the best price on the island of Icaria. The closest hotel to the island is the “Zacharoula Rooms hotel” but there are so many to choose from our selection of the best accommodation on Ikaria Island.


Beach of Ballota - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright David Acosta Allely


Ballota Beach

Asturias – Spain


Come breathe the smell of Eucalyptus and iodized sea air at Ballota beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Asturias offers breathtaking natural, wild  landscapes. It is a paradise for lovers of nature and wide open spaces.

Take your own beverages and picnic food with you ; there are no bars or restaurants and this is one of the charms of this beach.

Book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed in Llanes today and your best activities in the Asturias. If you want to stay closer to this beautiful beach, we recommend the “Balcón de la Cuesta” hotel.


Simos beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright bdrone


Simos Beach

Elafonisos Island – Greece


Elafonisos is a 20 square kilometres Greek island with 1000 inhabitants. There are only a dozen hotels, some B&Bs and guesthouses. Book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. If you want to walk to the beach from your hotel, book your room at “Simosmare Resort“, just a few metres away from the beach. Come watch the starfish and enjoy both sun and life on this little corner of paradise in Greece.


Xi beach - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Lucian BOLCA


Xi Beach

Kefalonia – Greece


Xi beach is  situated on the Kefalonia peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful places in Greece and the world ! Xi beach is an amazing and blue-flag beach.

Come discover the soft orange-red colour of its sand, the quality and the pureness of its water. The beach is wild and will meet most travellers’ expectations. It is landscaped and comfortable

Book your hotel at the best price at “Zest @ xi beach” or at the “Kefalonia beach hotel & bungalows” ; they are very near the beach. Discover all the apartments, hotels, B&Bs with access to the beach at the best price guaranteed in Kefalonia. Book your best activities in Greece on our site too.


Playa de Las Teresitas - Best beaches in Europe - Copyright Nanisimova


Playa de las Teresitas 

Tenerife – Spain


Many travellers know this. Most beaches in Tenerife are volcanic: the sand is fairly dark. Las Teresitas Beach is one of the few golden beaches in Tenerife. Was it a geological accident ? Not at all ! Sahara sand was brought by man to the beach. Tenerife is also a perfect destination for sun lovers all year round, even in the heart of winter.

Book your hotel, resort, guesthouse, B&B at the best price guaranteed in Tenerife as well as your best activities such as a luxury yacht cruise, a dolphin and whale watching tour and have great holidays !

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The Best & the Most Beautiful Landscapes in Europe

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If you want to «travel far away» while staying in Europe, the best idea is to discover the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Discover the most beautiful European landscapes with the Azores but also the wonderful Douro Valley in Portugal. You probably already know the Mont Saint-Michel but what about BonifacioHallstattHallerbos Forest or the Lofoten Islands?

Choose your most beautiful landscape and book your stay in one of the best European destinations.

Do you want more? Discover the second page of this ranking with some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Copyright Vicky SP - European Best Destinations

The Azores


Leave the Portuguese coasts and get to Madeira Islands It is a perfect destination for nature and trekking lovers. Further in the Atlantic Ocean, more than 1400 kilometers from Lisbon are The Azores. This group of 9 volcanic islands offer breathtaking landscapes.

Book your hotel on one of the islands of Sao Miguel, Santa Maria, Faial, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Flores or Corvo and book your activities at the best prices such as a visit to Lagoa do Fogo or a full day to the Volcanic Valley & tea plant tour. We suggest you to visit the island from April to September.

You want to find a great hotel on the island ? We recommend the Quinta das Buganvilias run by lovers of their island and of nature.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Galesnjak Island  - Copyright paul prescott - European Best Destinations

Galesnjak Island


Welcome to the island of love. A few kilometers from Zadar, the Galesnjak Island, also known as Cupid Island is the only island in the world with a heart shape.

That shape was discovered by a cartographer in the late 19th century .The island is very small with an area of 130 square metres. It does not house any hotel or restaurant. Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, apartment at the best price guaranteed in Zadar and book your best activities such as a flight over the island of Galešnjak or a kayak sunset tour.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Hallstatt - Copyright canadastock - European Best Destinations



Hallstatt, a wonderful Austrian village that is so beautiful that its perfect copy was rebuilt in China (so was Colmar in Alsace which was reproduced and rebuilt in Malaysia). In both cases the originals are obviously more authentic.

Come and discover this small village of 800 inhabitants by staying in Hallstatt or in the nearby town of Salzburg. Book your hotel, guesthouse or apartment at the best price in Hallstatt or Salzburg as well as your best activities in the region such as a private tour of Hallstatt from Salzburg.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Bonifacio - Copyright Stephane Bidouze - European Best Destinations



Come discover Bonifacio in Corsica. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. The inhabitants and sumptuous landscapes will leave you speechless. You can visit the island all year round. Corsica is an open air museum, it is perfect for lovers of unspoiled nature, beaches, history, sea , sun and blue skies.

Book your accommodation in Bonifacio and your best activities in Corsica.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Le Mont Saint Michel - Copyright canadastock - European Best Destinations

The Mont Saint-Michel


Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most visited monuments in France, just after the Tour Eiffel.

It is photographed every year by travellers from all over the world. Located in Normandy, the Mont is named after the statue of Saint-Michel at the top of the church. Although Mont Saint-Michel is not densely populated (40 inhabitants) it is possible to stay there, to eat there, in short to spend a beautiful holiday there.

Book your hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel at the best price and your best activities in Normandy. You can even book a Mont Saint-Michel guided tour from Paris. The best hotel in the area is definitely the Ermitage Mont Saint Michel is recommended by travellers from all over the world.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Tuscany Italy Copyright Francesco R. Iacomino - European Best Destinations



Tuscany is one of the best places to live a peaceful retirement in Europe. The capital is the beautiful and romantic Florence. Tuscany has other great cities such as the very famous Pisa. Tuscany is obviously one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

Come and discover the landscapes of Tuscany, the vineyards, cypress paths, gastronomy and the art of living of this region by booking your hotel at the best price and your best tours and activities in Tuscany such as a ticket to the Pisa Leaning Tower or to Michelangelo’s David.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Rhine falls Copyright VitalyPeklich - European Best Destinations

Rhine waterfalls


The Rhine waterfalls, among the largest waterfalls in Europe, will amaze you. If you are sporty climb the rock in the middle of these waterfalls and take a picture with the Swiss flag.

Book your hotel in Zurich at the best price and your best activities and tours in Zurich and discover this beautiful landscape. If you want to stay near the Rhine Falls, book your hotel  at Neuhausen am Rheinfall.


Svartissen Glacier in Norway - Best landscapes in Europe - Copyright Galyna Andrushko - European Best Destinations

The Svartissen Glacier


Welcome to the confines of Europe, close to the Arctic Circle and discover the Svartissen Glacier, the second largest glacier in Norway, from tourist route number 17 which runs along the entire Norwegian coast. Book your accommodation at the best price near the Svartissen Glacier as well as your best activities and tours in Norway.



The Dordogne Valley


Set in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, the sacred city of Rocamadour is one of the most breathtaking villages in France, dramatically clinging to a sheer cliff. Suspended between Heaven and Earth, Rocamadour has been a pilgrimage site for over a thousand years and is part of the network of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Book your hotel at the best price in Rocamadour as well as your best activities and tours in the Dordogne Valley.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Mullerthal Region  -  European Best Destinations Copyright r.classen

Mullerthal Region


In the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, the visitor can spend a diversified vacation. Echternach, the eldest city of the country, is considered as historic hot spot and capital of the whole region. Hikers will encounter a well signalled hiking net throughout the whole region and they may discover impressive rock formations, romantic brook valleys, amazing view points on the valley of the Sûre. The small villages are quite charming and the old ruins of the castles of Beaufort and Larochette as well as the Schiessentümpel cascade are worth a visit.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Douro Valley Portugal  - European Best Destinations - Copyright gkuna

The Douro Valley


The Douro Valley is simply splendid in photos, but discovering it  will make you speechless. No photos or videos can make you feel the beauty of the landscape classified as a Unesco world heritage. 

Book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B or apartment at the best price guaranteed and treat yourself to a day trip to the Douro Valley.

We have selected for you the best activities in Porto such as a full-day wine tasting . We also have selected for you more than 240 hotels, apartments, guesthouses, B & B in the Douro Valley at the best price guaranteed.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Faroe Islands -  European Best Destinations Copyright Federica Violin

The Faroe Islands


Situated between Scotland and Iceland the Faroe Islands are autonomous and constituent of Denmark. “Faroe Islands” means “island of the sheep” With 1400 km2 of preserved nature on 18 islands they are perfect for people who like low temperatures (11 degrees in summer and not less than 3 degrees in winter).

Come and discover the incredible flora of the Faroe Islands but also its inhabitants and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. The Feroe Islands are not within easy reach but there is  an airport and a few hotels will welcome you for your stay on these islands turned to nature.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Meteora copyright Aleksandar Todorovic -  European Best Destinations



You may have discovered Meteora on a National Geographic calendar, but it is high  time to come and discover the incredible beauty of its landscape. These monasteries, hung in the sky, are a high place of the Orthodox religion.

Before 1920 you had to sit in baskets pulled by a system of pulleys to get to the top of the mountain .Quite impressive! You can easily walk up the stairs to reach the top now. Less impressive!

Come and discover Meteora by booking your hotel, apartment, guesthouse, B&B at the best prices as well as your best tours and activities. 


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe - Positano Copyright Alexander Tihonov -  European Best Destinations



Positano is a postcard destination. This destination, which is also one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in Europe, is one of the most romantic villages on the Amalfi Coast.

You may know the legend: Neptune created the village to please one of his nymphs.

Come and discover Positano and book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, apartment or villa at the best price in Positano .The legendary Hotel EDEN ROC with superb views over the village of Positano will leave you speechless.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Hallerbos Forest -Copyright Sara Winter - European Best Destinations

The Hallerbos Forest


Come and discover the carpets of blue bell of wild hyacinths covering the wood of Hallerbos in Hal (Flemish Brabant), close to Brussels. This beautiful forest is famous for the beautiful wild hyacinths that bloom at the end of April or the beginning of May.

Book your hotel, bed & breakfast, or apartment at the best price and your best activities in Brussels.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Bled in Slovenia - Copyright josh - European Best Destinations



Bled is one of the most famous destinations in Slovenia. Its magnificent castle listed among the most beautiful castles in Europe overlooks the lake of Bled on which you can see the only island of Slovenia. Come and discover Bled by booking your hotel, guesthouse, apartment at the best price guaranteed and your best activities and tours.


Most beaufitul landscapes in Europe - Oludeniz in Turkey - Copyright Kochneva Tetyana- European Best Destinations



Come discover the beauty of the natural landscapes that make Oludeniz one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Under the blue flag, you will enjoy pure turquoise water and the quiet of a protected nature reserve.

Go paragliding in Oludeniz and fly over one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse in Oludeniz as well as your best activities and tours in Oludeniz such as a full day boat trip or paragliding adventure.


Most beautiful landscapes in Europe  - Lofoten - European Best Destinations - Copyright Iakov Kalinin

The Lofoten Islands


The Lofoten Islands are a dream destination for many travellers from all over the world. This archipelago offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is a quiet and peaceful place inhabited by  a few fishermen  who enjoy the fishy waters of Lofoten.

This archipelago owes its name “Lofoten” to its form, that of the footprint of a lynx.

Come and see the best tours and activities in Norway and book your accommodation on the Lofoten Islands at the best price.


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