Baltic & Europe Tours

E.E.TRAVEL EUROPE takes you to grand lands, where history comes alive before your eyes and scenic splendor greet you in every direction.


In terms of pure convenience, no continent can touch Baltics & Europe’s diversity. With so many countries, cultures, languages, and varieties of cuisine packed into such a comparatively tiny place, you can spend a week in Baltics & Europe and experience something wildly different every day. All that variety can be overwhelming, but the secret to getting the most out of Europe is to take it slow. The Old World has stood for centuries, and it’ll all still be here when you’re ready to come back (which, of course, you’ll want to do immediately after getting home.)

We offers personalised Private & Group tours and the possibility to soak up the ambience of each place – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Belarus, St.Petersburg, Moscow and more. Baltic & Europe tours are designed to introduce you not just to well-known sights, but also to local traditions and culture. Our private guided tours let you choose from fascinating tour itineraries and various combinations of one, two, three, or even all seven countries in one tour, making your Baltic & Europe tours rewarding and memorable.